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Humane treatment

As a basic premise of our centre, it’s important to us to consider both pets and their owners when planning treatment. Aside from being the medical specialists, it’s equally important that we earn the trust of both humans and their animals.


We already boast three vet generations devoted to the care and treatment of small animals, and we also offer training in this field as part of AVEPA, the Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialized in Small Animals, over which we presided from 2006 to 2010.


We really like the versatility of our work and we keep us up to date on all specialities, especially in surgery, one of our clinic’s top priorities. We have a well-equipped operating room with the latest veterinary technology, including a fibre-optic CO2 laser, a surgical microscope, and all the equipment necessary for both performing operations and achieving the best possible patient monitoring during operations.


All our consultation rooms, theatres and labs are equipped with everything needed to provide exemplary care. Our job requires a lot of dedication and we must work with the latest technology in order to be leaders in our field. That is why we regularly renew our equipment and offer a comprehensive onsite laboratory service that allows us to provide analysis results in a short time for better diagnoses and treatments. Likewise, our diagnostic imaging, x-ray and ultrasound devices are also cutting edge.

Internal medicine

As well as seeing patients and diagnosing pets’ diseases, we also devote our time to preventive medicine, which includes vaccinations and de-worming.

X-ray and ultrasound

We have excellent equipment in our own facilities to allow us to obtain supplementary information to the examination of the animal in order to help us reach a diagnosis.

General and specific analysis

We have a very modern and comprehensive laboratory that allows us to perform nearly all basic analysis and many specific tests as well, all in our own facilities. We attach great importance to the reliability and immediacy of results (Procyte® Idexx®), as they allow us to save a lot of time and improve quality.

General surgery

Our operating room is perfectly equipped to safely perform any abdominal, thoracic and soft tissue surgery that may be required.

Specialized surgery

It should be noted that we have a CO2 laser to efficiently perform specialised surgery, such as eye surgery. We also have a variety of equipment for orthopaedics and traumatology.

Exotic animals

It’s not all about dogs and cats. We also work with plenty of other pets such as reptiles, birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.

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